9/29 – St Marks between Ave A and 1st Ave.  This cute and colorful little troll reminded me of my childhood – the hair was my favorite part. – LB

10/2 – I saw this poster at the MoMA PS1 Book Fair last Sunday.  It detailed the connections between various art movements and how they molded the evolution of street art and graffiti. I liked it because it shows how all art movements are in some way related to one another despite the fact that each movement claims it’s “breaking away” from the one before it. – LB

10/1 – I snapped this photo on 2nd Ave and E. 3rd Street (again, sorry for the bad quality of iPhone pictures).  I always like to see bigger-than-life wheatpaste works so this one caught my eye, especially set against the abstract-expressionist colors in the background. – LB

9/29 – I found this spraypaint/stencil near Williamsburg in Brooklyn. I liked the mystery of the figure and the little dog paw prints near the bottom. – LB

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