Peter Woytuk

11/15 – These magnificent sculptures by Peter Woytuk showed up out of nowhere — all over the Upper West Side. Most of the sculptures are located In the middle median on Broadway between the uptown and downtown sides. Above you’ll find a close-up of where all his other public sculptures are located.  It’s interesting to see how he uses color and natural elements (animals, fruits) in contrast with the urban environment.  Do you think the sculptures work well in New York City?  – MG

Pure Bar

11/9 – REA Office, NYC

I’m not a big “Organic Food” guy, but after my wife brought home a few of these Pure bars I became a believer.  From a design standpoint, the packaging is bold & bright, contains different colors for each of the five flavors, as well as smart and energetic typography. The brand language is also perfectly crafted. For example, here is something taken directly from their website… “Pure Mission Pure is dedicated to satisfying stretches, sunlit hikes, belly laughs, and muddy hands.”  Got to love it!  And if that doesn’t peak your interest, just chew on one and experience how each flavor is exceptional.  Pure bars are now my official breakfast and afternoon snack.  So for all of these reasons above I confidently say, REA Approved! – MG