From Pickles to Andy Warhol

REA Approved is back with more images of our beloved city, from storefront designs and bouquets to Union Square’s Andy Warhol Monument.

Rob Pruitt, the artist of the Andy Monument: “I was trying to make Andy as blank as possible. Having the iridescent surface, he reflects the environment around him. Like a police siren rushing by in the evening, and the activity in the farmers’ market and the life in Union Square Park.”

Designed by a combination of digital scanning of a live model and hand-sculpting, this larger-than-life statue of Pop Art legend Andy Warhol stands at the corner of 17th Street and Broadway, close to where one of his Factory spaces once stood.

Rob Pruitt: “Like so many other artists and performers and people who don’t fit in because they’re gay or otherwise different, Andy moved here to become who he was, to fulfill his dreams and make it big. He still represents that courage and that possibility. That’s why I came to New York, and that’s what my Andy Monument is about.”

“The Andy Monument” is on view until May 13th, 2012.

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