Bob Dylan, Sidewalk Art

Found this in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on North 11th Street on Jan 16, 2012.  This guerrilla sidewalk art can be found here-n-there in Willamsburg, and I believe I found it elsewhere in the city as well.  I like it because of the dynamic freeform made by the drizzling while making an identifiable image.

A friend of mine has this Bob Dylan’s Scrapbook.  Although I’m not personally a fan of Dylan, I was flabbergasted by the design of this book.  I appreciated the extensive amount of assembly work required to put this whole thing together, and loved the concept and implementation.  I found it very engaging and tactile.  It also gave a sense of authenticity will all of the “scraps” looking like they were the originals that Bob Dylan might have handled himself back in the day. – MT

One thought on “Bob Dylan, Sidewalk Art

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