A Magnetic NYC Skyline

W Hotel Hoboken Lobby

Artist: Ann Carrington

I’ve marveled at this mural that sits in the W Hotel Hoboken lobby for some time and finally remembered to take a photo of it while at an event in the hotel. From a first glance, you’d never notice that the mural is constructed out of thousands of household metal objects that stick magnetically to a huge slab of metal. Take a look at the closeup photo of the objects that make up the mural. It’s truly breathtaking in person and unfortunately my photo doesn’t do it much justice.  -Noelle Pistilli

Grab Some Chalk and Express Yourself on the Street!

Give people a pen, marker, spraypaint, and even chalk — and they’re going to want to scribble their quotes, sayings, lyrics, poems, slang, tags, curse words, ideas, feelings, thoughts, beliefs on the walls.  A child’s desire to scrawl all over white walls — to create something where there is nothing — is still inherently trapped in us as adults!  So the answer isn’t always to repress graffiti, but rather, EMBRACE it! And this chalkboard scaffolding does just that.  Talk about harmless graffiti – it’s not vandalism as it invites you to write, and it’s sure easy to erase.

3.8.12, 14th St./6th Ave., Manhattan – Interactive chalkboard scaffolding! A great idea for anyone passing by to draw whatever they want with the provided chalk. – Barbra Tolentino

The Colors of Coffee and Dessert

1/11 – Robert atop the Museum of Art and Design: REA celebrated the beginning of 2012 with fantastic views and great food including this dessert — cheesecake with pomegranate paired with sherbet. I approved this because the plate was so artfully balanced in composition and color…that is a lie. I approved it because it was delicious. – IR


1/27 – REA offices: A good cuppa coffee deserves a good look. I approved these because the colors and hand-crafted approach made me want to buy the coffee just to get the cup. – IR