Curving Cumulus Cottages

“The McBride Charles Ryan Cloud House is Whimsical”

The McBride Charles Ryan Cloud House features a curvaceous attachment on a century-old Edwardian home. The back facade provides additional living space and a picturesque view of the backyard pool—perfect for summer night patio parties.

The cloud-shaped design introduces a whimsical vibe to this historic family home. The grooved industrial grey exterior of the cloud-like construction makes this illusion even more authentic. The horizontal wooden slats adds dynamic movement, which draws your eye further into the space. The red-painted kitchen acts as the core of the home where all activity and spaces come together. It also doubles as a bridge that connects the old and new interiors harmoniously.

Despite the fact these two living areas are dramatically different, the blend of original and contemporary designs is eye-catching. Don’t judge a book by its cover when passing by the McBride Charles Ryan’Cloud House. utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

Space Shuttle’s Last Mission

One of the coolest aircrafts of our generation has taken its last mission to its final resting place on the Intrepid here in NYC. My father & I were able to capture some photos as it travelled around Brooklyn. A couple were take from the Rockaways in Jamaica Bay, the others were taken along the promenade in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. The initial launching of the the Space Shuttle program in the ealy 1980’s were an inspiration for this budding artist to draw countless number of spaceships as they shot off into the sky. Sad to see the program end.