Through The Ages


Old Town, Alexandria, VA

The Athenaeum sits on a brick-lined street in a preserved Colonial part of Northern Virginia. I REA Approve the 1851 building for its Greek Revival architecture, unique pink hue, and colorful history as a bank, Union Army residence, gallery and dance studio.

– Francisca Ovalle, Copywriter

Circles Mark The Spot


Kleinfeld Bridal in Chelsea

I stumbled across this window display on 20th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues. I REA Approve it because I like how the frame adds composition to what seems to be a reference to Damien Hirst’s “spot” paintings. The writing on the bottom of the glass even says “Happily Ever After… dot dot dot.” I think they’re trying to tell you that buying one of their wedding dresses will give you the chance to “paint your own future.”

– Lecia Bushak, Project Manager