NY Lottery Ad Campaign Gets a Sophisticated New Look

Drop shadows and 3D letter effects are the typical graphic design associated with lottery tickets. But recently, the NY Lottery had an elegant upgrade of its advertising campaign. During my obsessive search for more logos using Gotham (I’ve already submitted 40+ logos), I found it in the NY Lottery Powerball logo in these subway ads. I was also intrigued by the creative and playful letterforms made of money. Too bad they are not real stacks of $100 bills! Here’s a video about how they made the letters.

-Barbra Tolentino

Tactile Typography

I recently stumbled upon this website with some of the coolest examples of typography I’ve ever seen. It’s not necessarily how well designed the type is, it is more about the unusual materials and techniques artist, Dominique Falla, uses to create her designs. I find these to be fantastic examples of how typography alone can become works of art. For more examples of her work check out this link: http://www.dominiquefalla.com/

Materials: Pins and String

Materials: Magazine pages on Foamcore

Materials: Buttons on Canvas

Materials: smooth cardboard and rippled cardboard

– Brian K.

Tipping my Fedora to the Mad Men of Old.

4/6 – It’s hard to escape the frenzy of the new season of Mad Men. The captivating ads are plastered everywhere; the talk around the water cooler about the future of Don Draper is plentiful.  Not to mention retailers like Banana Republic are jumping on the band wagon by showcasing Mad Men inspired fashions in their windows. I have to say, I love it all. The visual style is breathtaking and inspiring and seems to be showing up on my radar everywhere I go.

A few weeks ago I attended a field trip with my son Andrew to the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn, which ended up being another unexpected time warp back to the 1960’s. The tour of the old subway cars was interesting in itself, but when I looked up to see pristine ads from the period, I was in heaven.  From the 2012 Madmen to those of the 1960’s: I say thank you. You have left an undeniable mark on the advertising business, and a visual style to be cherished, studied and re-examined. -M.G.

A Magnetic NYC Skyline

W Hotel Hoboken Lobby

Artist: Ann Carrington

I’ve marveled at this mural that sits in the W Hotel Hoboken lobby for some time and finally remembered to take a photo of it while at an event in the hotel. From a first glance, you’d never notice that the mural is constructed out of thousands of household metal objects that stick magnetically to a huge slab of metal. Take a look at the closeup photo of the objects that make up the mural. It’s truly breathtaking in person and unfortunately my photo doesn’t do it much justice.  -Noelle Pistilli

Grab Some Chalk and Express Yourself on the Street!

Give people a pen, marker, spraypaint, and even chalk — and they’re going to want to scribble their quotes, sayings, lyrics, poems, slang, tags, curse words, ideas, feelings, thoughts, beliefs on the walls.  A child’s desire to scrawl all over white walls — to create something where there is nothing — is still inherently trapped in us as adults!  So the answer isn’t always to repress graffiti, but rather, EMBRACE it! And this chalkboard scaffolding does just that.  Talk about harmless graffiti – it’s not vandalism as it invites you to write, and it’s sure easy to erase.

3.8.12, 14th St./6th Ave., Manhattan – Interactive chalkboard scaffolding! A great idea for anyone passing by to draw whatever they want with the provided chalk. – Barbra Tolentino