It’s In The Details

Hugh O’Neill building, Chelsea

Various locations in Manhattan, NYC

Walking around our old office neighborhood (Chelsea) and new one (Midtown), I’ve noticed a lot of details in the architecture that surrounds us. I REA Approve these small exterior touches because they make the buildings interesting, beautiful, and different from one another.

Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Midtown
Bed Bath & Beyond building, Chelsea
31st Street and Broadway, Midtown

— Brian Keeler, Graphic Designer

Grab Some Chalk and Express Yourself on the Street!

Give people a pen, marker, spraypaint, and even chalk — and they’re going to want to scribble their quotes, sayings, lyrics, poems, slang, tags, curse words, ideas, feelings, thoughts, beliefs on the walls.  A child’s desire to scrawl all over white walls — to create something where there is nothing — is still inherently trapped in us as adults!  So the answer isn’t always to repress graffiti, but rather, EMBRACE it! And this chalkboard scaffolding does just that.  Talk about harmless graffiti – it’s not vandalism as it invites you to write, and it’s sure easy to erase.

3.8.12, 14th St./6th Ave., Manhattan – Interactive chalkboard scaffolding! A great idea for anyone passing by to draw whatever they want with the provided chalk. – Barbra Tolentino

Mad Men or Minimalism?

1.25.12, Midtown Manhattan.

This is an ad for Mad Men. But for those of us who are not familiar with the TV show, these ads are downright ambiguous. Where’s the web site? No Twitter or Facebook mention? What’s it for? No more information even in tiny letters, it’s just a man falling and the date March 25th. In a world already over-saturated with images competing for our attention, these ads caught my eye for their pure minimalism. I think it’s gutsy for an advertiser to have no clear message or selling point. These ads plastered all over NYC kept me guessing until I finally researched them online. Apparently these ads are causing a stir in NYC for their resemblance to 9/11.

-Barbra Tolentino